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Service for Arbitrators

Arbitral Tribunal Secretary

Ms Weston offers independent and unbiased tribunal secretary services to arbitrators for arbitral matters in English. Ms Weston is experienced in international arbitration and has completed the International Chamber of Commerce's Training for Tribunal Secretaries. Additionally, her experience as a law clerk to a United States Federal District Court judge has prepared her to provide top-quality support in all tribunal secretary functions.
The tribunal secretary provides only the support desired by the particular arbitral tribunal, as agreed with the president of the tribunal. Duties of the tribunal secretary may include:
  • Scheduling meetings and hearings
  • Researching questions of law
  • Drafting briefs and letters
  • Communicating with the parties, the arbitral institution, and the arbitral panel
  • Reviewing submissions and drafting chronologies and memoranda
  • Drafting appropriate parts of the award

The International Council on Commercial Arbitration's Young ICCA Group provides an informative study of the role of tribunal secretaries at http://www.arbitration-icca.org/media/3/14235574857310/aa_arbitral_sec_guide_composite_10_feb_2015.pdf.

Tribunal secretary functions are always performed at the direction and under the supervision of the arbitral tribunal.