Weston Legal International

Services for Law Firms

  • US Legal Matters in Europe

    For European counsel

    Working with issues of foreign law presents challenges and pitfalls. Luckily, you and your European client needn't take US-related work to a large international firm to handle it. When it comes to expert handling of issues of US law or cross-border matters with common law elements, including arbitration support, both law firms and clients can enjoy peace-of-mind by partnering with an experienced US legal practitioner in Germany. Ms. Weston has particular experience working with European clients in the automotive and solar industries.
    Weston Legal offers local support to European clients for US and international legal issues, such as:
    • Legal opinions on US law as applied to the facts of your case
    • Legal research on topics of US or international law
    • Composition of briefs and letters in US or international legal matters, including litigation and arbitration
    • Communications with US or or other international administrative entities
    • Advice on selection of counsel for matters that must be handled in the US
    • Litigation second opinions

    For all counsel

    Weston Legal also handles US legal affairs that must be carried out on the ground in Europe, such as the deposition of witnesses who reside in Europe.

    Ms. Weston has substantial trial experience in both state and federal courtrooms in the US and is accomplished in both fact- and expert-witness depositions. She has represented airlines, aviation and aerospace manufacturers and insurers, automotive manufacturers and suppliers, utility companies and individuals.

  • Data, data protection/privacy and e-discovery/e-disclosure consulting

    Weston Legal offers management of complex e-discovery matters and advising on US e-discovery law and e-discovery preparedness.

    Particularly in the e-discovery arena, wide-ranging experience and in-depth expertise mean the difference between a victory and a failure from both a financial and a strategic perspective. Your team will benefit from Ms. Weston’s technical background in computer programming, her hands-on experience with both US-only and cross-border e-discovery matters (along with their attendant data issues), and her familiarity with the major e-discovery vendors.

    To download Ms. Weston's 2009 publication on the topic of data protection, published in the Defense Research Institute's E-Discovery Connection , please click here: "Europeans Aren’t 'Over' Data Privacy: Bridging the Data Protection Gulf Between the EU and the U.S.”

  • US and international tax law

    Tax and tax law planning is vital to optimizing business returns. Weston Legal provides tax advice in coordination with a US attorney specializing in US and international tax and a German attorney specializing in German and international tax.

  • Mediation

    Alternative dispute resolution is a preferred means of resolving cross-border disputes. Mediation as a means to win-win contract formation is a particular focus. Ms. Weston trained as a mediator in the European Mediation Training for Practitioners of Justice program, sponsored by the Association for International Arbitration. She also has experience representing corporate clients in mediation.

  • Training in topics related to law

    If your organization has a product, sales force or other source of risk in the US, your German legal team and any other decisionmakers or risk evaluators will profit from education in US law.

    Weston Legal will tailor a US legal education program to suit your business needs. For example, after a custom-prepared, targeted seminar, the Board of Directors will better understand the risks inherent in product offerings or hiring decisions for the US market. In-house attorneys and other executives may also benefit from training in US law or Legal English.

    Ms. Weston has been a professional teacher of US law, legal concepts and legal best practices for years. She has experience training, inter alia, German executives, lawyers and engineers in US legal concepts. Ms. Weston teaches yearly courses in US law at the University of Tübingen's School of Law and in the Executive Masters Program at the University of St Gallen in Switzerland.